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Browse online, open a newspaper, or page through a magazine and it becomes clear promptly: plant-based eating is on the increase. Throughout the globe, a growing number of customers are selecting alternative protein products: egg, meat, or dairy products made from plant ingredients.

In North America and several Western European countries, plant-based milk sales now justify 10-15% of the entire fluid milk market. Sales of plant-based meat products, while smaller, are growing fast—increasing 10-25% year over a year in a range of countries across the world. All projections recommend that the alternative protein market will carry on growing quickly; with few research agencies projecting it will take up to one-third of the total global protein market by the middle of the twenty-first century.

But who are these customers selecting non-dairy yogurt or plant-based burgers over the conventional animal product? What drives their customer buying decisions? What alternative protein products do they like most? What fences stop them from choosing up these products, and what advantages drive them to look for these products in the market?

Veganomics by Nick Cooney is a data-based deep-dive into moderate and heavy customers of alternative protein products. It comes via several marketing research reports, peer-reviewed academic studies, and other quantitative and qualitative studies to search at what drives people to buy alternative protein products.

Veganomics is considered as a textbook meant to offer advocates, entrepreneurs, and others in the industry wide-ranging, data-based insight into heavy customers of alternative protein products, as well as insight into how to boost the explosion of these products in the market.

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